The following issues will be discussed:

A Structure and properties of biomaterials

  1. Bio nano materials
  2. Bioactive materials, bioglass and calcium phosphates
  3. Biodegradable materials
  4. Bioinspired materials / biomimetic materials
  5. Biological materials and biomineralization
  6. Computational biomaterials science
  7. Hydrogels and biobased & synthetic polymers
  8. Imaging of biomaterials

B Biological response to biomaterials

  1. Biofilms & Antimicrobial Biomaterials
  2. Biocompatibility
  3. Biointerfaces and Microenvironments
  4. Clinical Performance and Microenvironments
  5. Multi-Functional Biomaterials
  6. Nano Particles in Biological Environments

C Biomaterials applications

  1. Current and future challenges for the MedTech industry
  2. Dental materials
  3. Drug and gene delivery
  4. Innovations in fabrication including 3D printing / additive manufacturing / biofabrication of biomaterials
  5. Responsive and smart biomaterials
  6. Tissue engineering / regenerative medicine
  7. Materials for ophthalmology

D Biopolymer based biomaterials

  1. Special Session ÔÇ×Biopolymer based biomaterials"

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