Dear DGM Members and Friends, der Readers

The year 2020 has been a difficult and challenging one. Personally. Professionally. As the German Society for Materials Science. The still ongoing Corona pandemic has effectively changed many scientific associations in their functionality and operational actions. The virus has disrupted our networking, made the organization and realization of conferences and meetings difficult, and led to the cancellation of some events. Nevertheless - or: precisely because of this - we are optimistic about the future ...

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Numerous examples show what can be achieved with creativity, dedication, but also perseverance. Events such as the MSE Congress, the Metallography Conference, various further and advanced training courses, and above all the DGM Day have been successfully put on the virtual track.

In 2021, the topics discussed by the German Materials Society will continue to be highly relevant, ranging from resources and critical raw materials to recycling and the circular economy. Material innovations are imperative to meet major challenges such as achieving climate goals, sustainable mobility, or even the further development of medical technology.

As a renowned professional society, we specifically promote interdisciplinary topics such as digitalization, focusing on data evaluation and artificial intelligence. This also applies to our holistic endeavor to be actively involved in the network and development of the National Research Data Infrastructure. Through this commitment, we would like to ensure the community needs are represented in the best possible way.

It is our task to show the high relevance of materials science and engineering to the public and to keep these topics present at various stages. This is important to attract young people and to acquire resources for the work on materials science- and engineering-related topics. Here, in addition to maintaining "outward" contact with a wide variety of decision-makers from science, industry, and politics, it will be crucial to continue to keep our networking alive within and beyond the boundaries of the technical committees under current pandemic conditions.

As members, you are the essence that will continue to give our society vitality and energy in the future. For this very reason, the promotion of the next generation of scientists plays a primary role for us - both in science and industry. Both parties are building blocks of the DGM and deserve our full attention to anchor them even closer and more firmly with us.

We are looking forward to shaping the next years together with you and to developing our DGM.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martina Zimmermann

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.. Gerhard Schneider

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