WG Quantitative Microstructure Analysis: Detailed focus consideration

Originally, the working group "Quantitative Microstructure Analysis", as part of the DGM expert committee "Materialography", was supposed to be constituted already in the summer of 2020, but the conditions and regulations at that time prevented a joint meeting on site. Thus, under the leadership of Ulrich Sonntag (Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik e.V.), the committee met virtually on November 26, 2020, to address four topics in a large group.

The 46 participants, who fortunately included eight guest auditors, specifically addressed the following focal points, which were illuminated by means of very detailed and in-depth contributions.


Reproducible measurement

  • Karl-Heinz Lison (BMW Group)
    • Procedures for test equipment suitability tests for digital microscopes
  • Dr. Holger Schnarr (Struers)
    • Preparation methods for automated image analysis
  • Lars Thieme (PixelFerber)
    • Choice of illumination and sonication


Bainitic microstructures

  • Daniel Müller (Chair of Functional Materials, University of Saarbrücken)
    • Method of directional analysis for bainite segmentation


Neural networks

  • Dr. Marco Witte (Salzgitter Mannesmann Research)
    • Image analysis of the microstructure of steels using neural networks


Casting analysis

  • Stephanie Hansen (RWTH Aachen)
    • Classification of various graphite formations in iron castings
  • Dr. Ingo Steller (Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry)
    • Automatic image analysis of cast iron materials


In addition, a lively discussion developed, to which all participants provided valuable input, in order to define concrete activities and tackle corresponding specifications in the next step.

  • Preparation of and participation in round robin test 3 as part of the DIAgraph II research project on the classification of graphite shapes (start: approx. from April 2021)
  • Setting up an interlaboratory module to test a tool for the quantification of LOM micrographs.
  • Continuation of the investigation of the evaluation possibilities of bainitic microstructures. A round robin test for the evaluation of bainitic microstructural samples is planned.
  • Revision of the mask for the particle standard according to current findings and examination of a new edition as well as possibilities for certification.


The next meeting of the "Quantitative Microstructure Analysis" working group is planned for the third quarter of 2021. With a view to the beginning of September, all participants hope to be able to meet again then within the framework of an event on site.


All documents as well as presentation folders of the held contributions are available for download in the member area of the DGM homepage.

Further information on the working group "Quantitative Microstructure Analysis" can be found here.

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