yDGM Annual Meeting 2021 with call for elections

This year the jDGM annual meeting will take place for the fourth time. In the spirit of DGM's promotion of young talent, these events are geared to the interests and needs of the yDGM local groups.

The 4th yDGM Annual Meeting, where this year new members for the Federal Team (term of office 1 year) as well as the positions of the Federal Spokesperson (term of office 2 years) and the Deputy Federal Spokesperson will be newly elected, whose terms of office will then begin in January 2022 after approval by the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting of Members (for the Federal Spokesperson).

What is the yDGM annual meeting?
At the yDGM annual meeting, the various offices of the yDGM are elected online. In addition to the Federal Spokesperson and Deputy Spokesperson, with a term of office of two years, this also includes the Federal Team, which is elected annually. This year both elections are due.

You can find the election call here.

In addition, the previous federal team and the office will report on the past year and discuss future projects and ideas with the participants.

The yDGM annual meeting will be held on a Friday evening this year. Afterwards, the federal team and the federal spokeswomen invite all participants to take part in a casual exchange with some online games.


  1. Election of federal team, federal spokesperson and deputy spokesperson
  2. Report of the national team
  3. Review of events (with report of the office)
  4. Networking (online games)
  5. Announcement of the election results
  6. Comfortable end of the meeting

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