Metallography Prize 2021

The German Materials Society awarded Dr. Magdalena Speicher and Mr. Rudi Scheck the 2021 Metallography Prize at the 55th Metallography Meeting in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the field of preparative metallography.

Both award winners have made outstanding contributions to the maintenance and further development of metallographic preparation methods over many years. In addition, the honorees have passed on the knowledge they have accumulated over the years to the professional community, including in the Working Group on Component Metallography of the German Society for Materials Science and within the framework of the legendary metallography seminars at the Esslingen Technical Academy. This combination of masterful mastery of the craft on the one hand and scientific-technical penetration as well as didactically skillful knowledge transfer on the other hand is ideally embodied by the two award winners. The practical application of the metallographic craft is not only mastered by Dr. Magdalena Speicher and Mr. Rudi Scheck, but also regularly practiced, e.g. in taking microstructure impressions for condition assessment and residual life estimation of heat-resistant and high-temperature materials in thermal power plants.

The German Materials Society congratulates Dr. Magdalena Speicher and Mr. Rudi Scheck!

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