High Entropy Alloys Symposium as part of the 3rd Symposium on Materials and Additive Manufacturing on 12.05.2022

At this year's HEA Symposium on May 12, 2022 in Dresden (Symposium "High Entropy Alloys) Fraunhofer IWS materials specialists are looking for an exchange with other scientists and interested companies. Under the umbrella of the DGM, within the framework of the "3rd Additive Manufacturing and Materials Symposium" (https://dgm/additve/2022), it will be possible to attend the lectures, poster session and exhibition both in presence and online, to contribute with a poster contribution and thus to cultivate international scientific exchange.

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High Entropy Alloys (HEA) are a group of novel metallic materials that exhibit superior mechanical and functional properties. They have the potential to enable new high-performance products for applications in aerospace, energy, tooling and various engineering fields. High-entropy alloys can be used, for example, as high-temperature materials for turbines. They bring about a significantly higher efficiency of power plants and aircraft, as less gas or fuel is consumed when they are used. The greatest challenges for the industrial application of HEA are currently material availability, material synthesis and processing procedures. Additive manufacturing and coating technologies serve as powerful tools for the development and synthesis of HEA. This provides a great platform for an interesting discourse at this year's symposium.

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