What holds the world together at its core - Do you remember that Goethe's Faust already asked himself this question?

A very similar question, but from a metallurgical point of view, was addressed by Prof. Dr. Säglitz as part of the DGM webinar series. In his short lecture on 11 February 2022, he spoke about the influence of the atomic lattice structure on the mechanical properties of metals and metal alloys. The lively exchange in the subsequent discussion showed that the response in the community was great.

We can draw an equally successful conclusion for the subsequent advanced training course "Introduction to Metal Science for Engineers and Technicians". Within a short time, the number of available places for the four-day course led by Prof. Dr. Säglitz and colleagues at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences was fully booked. From 08 - 11 March 2022, all participants took advantage of the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of fundamental metallurgical processes in theory and practice, to network and exchange ideas - and to do so in presence! The first highlight in 2022 - for the DGM as the first on-site training and all participants, as the consistently positive feedback afterwards showed.

The DGM would like to express its gratitude for the commitment and trust of all participants that the training could take place in presence under the given security measures and met with a lively interest in the community. One drop of bitterness: Despite great demand, the number of participants for the course was limited due to the strict requirements of the hygiene concept.

The next chance to take part in the training course of the same name awaits in the fall, from 13 - 16 September 2022. It is worth being quick!
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