With smartness AND power - Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) have both

The nickel-titanium alloys are so-called Smart Materials. Through special material conditioning, sheets, strands, wires & co can seemingly remember an imprinted geometric shape. In this way, the memory effect of muscle wire opens doors: In practice, multifunctional SMA materials are convincing in mechanical engineering, aviation, automotive, medicine, and everyday life. As mini-actuators, damping, and expansion elements, they find concrete application in stents, orthodontic wires, solid-state joints, eyeglass frames, etc.

Have you also been convinced by SMA, like the 70 participants who listened to the DGM short webinar "Legierungen mit Gedächtnis” (‘Alloys with memory’) on Friday, 25th of 2022? The German lecture Prof. Dr. Gunther Eggeler, Chair of Materials Science at the Ruhr University Bochum, gave all listeners a wide-ranging insight into the world of alloys with shape memory effect. After an introduction to the basics of SMAs transformation - from martensite to austenite - Eggeler used illustrative examples to show that conditioning and composition of Ni-Ti alloy produce memory metals of different functionality. The DGM thanks Prof. Dr. Eggeler for his lecture: Another proof of the potential in the field of materials science and materials engineering and how important the understanding of materials is.

For this reason, the DGM is offering the advanced training symposium "Shape memory alloys - from basic research to industrial application" under the direction of Prof. Dr. Gunter Eggeler at the Ruhr University in Bochum. The two-day event from 28th to 29th of April 2022 is open to all who wish to familiarize themselves with the topic and/or receive further training.


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