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On 18 March 2022, Dr. Matthias Merzkirch from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden introduced the fascinating world of modern imaging techniques in the destructive testing of materials with his short lecture in the DGM webinar series. Under the official title "A New Look at an Old Problem - Digital Image Correlation (DIC) in Composite Testing", our community received a comprehensive overview of the theory and application potential of Digital Image Correlation.

Dr. Merzkirch covered a wide range of topics: from the past to the present, from the Eiffel Tower to aerospace from the classic material wood to the modern carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The application possibilities of non-contact DIC metrology are limitless. It literally offers new insights into old problems in structural mechanics of fibrous composites, as well as new insights into mechanical testing of complex materials in general.

Digital Image Correlation in materials science and engineering is an exciting topic for which Dr. Merzkirch easily gained the interest of our community with his vivid and entertaining presentation. The DGM would like to thank the speaker and the active participation of the audience in the DGM webinar. 

Dr. Merzkirch will offer the detailed practical guide as part of the online continuing education course "Digital Image Correlation in Composite Testing" in fall 2022.

Details on the program and registration will follow shortly at https://dgm.de/en/events/training-courses

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