DGM-Mentoring-Weekend successfully held

The first round of the DGM-Mentoring-Program has been running since the winter semester of 2021/2022, but so far, almost exclusively virtually. Since personal contact is particularly important for mentoring, the majority of the eight tandems met for a joint exchange in the tranquil town of Kirkel from 01 to 03 April 2022. In addition to a workshop and an excursion, the main focus was on getting to know each other and exchanging ideas.


For the mentees, the weekend began on Thursday with an evening of cooking together. At the subsequent games evening, which had already taken place virtually in this constellation, the group quickly got together. On Friday, the mentees first attended a workshop on the topic of character strengths. In this workshop, not only were their own character strengths explored in more detail but they were also discussed in detail in the group. After a short hike on the rocky path near the accommodation, the mentors arrived one after the other and very quickly integrated into the group, resulting in many exciting conversations at the end of the evening after another joint cooking session.

On Saturday, most of them were amazed when they looked out of the window. However, the thin blanket of snow provided by the April weather was no obstacle to the day's schedule. To ensure that the technical aspect of mentoring was not neglected, an excursion to the Völklingen Ironworks was on the agenda. The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site provides an opportunity to experience the history of materials science and technology up close. During the almost three-hour tour of the plant, the tour guide could also tell one or two stories from his almost 50 years of working at the Völklingen Ironworks, for which we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks. After the impressive tour in frosty temperatures, a short warm-up break with a hot drink was necessary afterward. Back in Kirkel, after dinner, a few games were prepared in which the participants could demonstrate their improvisational talent and drawing skills. This was followed by exciting discussions that continued late into the night. Here, too, the results from the mentees' workshop were taken up and discussed in various contexts.

The last day began with a hearty breakfast, followed by a feedback round. Here, too, the discussion of the previous evening was taken up again. All participants were enthusiastic and wished for a repetition. Especially the group dynamics and the new perspectives gained on all sides made the weekend a lasting experience.

The Mentoring WG would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants once again and wish them a successful future in mentoring!

The next DGM Mentoring Program is scheduled to start in the winter semester of 2022/2023. All information, as well as application deadlines for mentors and mentees, can be accessed via the following link.

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