Lunch talk in May: "We will have to get the topic of circular materials right"

Jürgen Steinhäuser summed up the discussion round of the DGM's third Lunch Talk on 06 May 2022 aptly with these words. The discussion round, which invited open exchange, was moderated by keynote speeches from Prof. Dr. Gesa Beck and Dr. Moritz to Baben. Both DGM association members initiated the DGM expert committee "Circular Materials" in July 2021 in cooperation with representatives from 10 universities, 9 research institutes, 8 companies, and 4 networks.

The urgency of recycling, re-manufacturing, and re-use of materials quickly becomes clear from the big picture outlined by Beck and to Baben: the mass of manufactured products is becoming increasingly dominant compared to the biological mass, with a lower material recycling rate of the technosphere compared to the biosphere. In its complexity, the circularity of material cycles is a challenge for the global community and professional societies such as the community of the German Society for Materials Science (DGM). What data do we need to collect and record to understand processes in the circular economy? What are the community's demands on the newly founded expert committee? Where can synergies be used?

One hour of lunch talk shows that the still-young expert committee "Circular Materials" fields of action are wide-ranging. For this reason, in particular, it is necessary to narrow down applications and the circular economy more strongly, to define cross-committee interface topics in the DGM to close gaps. Initial suggestions from the community have already been identified. Especially in the areas of development and research of sustainable building materials and fiber composites and the provision of teaching materials, the participants in the discussion round expressed great interest.

Would you also like to contribute your ideas and suggestions to the work of the "Circular Materials" expert committee to participate in the design process in the DGM actively? Then accept the invitation from Prof. Dr. Beck and Dr. to Baben and register at:

The DGM would like to thank both the audience and speakers for the presentation and impulse-giving thoughts at the third DGM Lunch Talk this year.

The topic of the next Lunch Talk on 08 July 2022 will be published via the DGM homepage in the next few days.

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