Digital Data Exchange for Structural Materials attracted interest from 35 participants

Digitization also has great potential for materials technology - in a short webinar on June 10, 2022, Dr. Uwe Diekmann presented a new approach for the exchange of materials data.

A new digital exchange format e-CoC (electronic Certificate of Conformity) has been created by a consortium consisting of several companies from the aviation industry.  The description is published in the free DIN SPEC 9012. This also supports the digital exchange of material data via value chains. Binding NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) rules in the aerospace industry require not only the classic characteristic values from material tests but also associated curves.  A special feature of the new format is its flexible extensibility, so that parametric data fields can also be transferred, as they are required for demanding materials tests. The release of the transmitted test data can be supported by suitable visualizations in software.

The digital exchange of information is a step on the way to integrated knowledge management for materials. This can then be used, for example, to implement material qualifications and material innovations more efficiently and more quickly.

The DGM would like to thank Dr. Diekmann, Managing Partner of Matplus GmbH, for hosting the webinar.

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