Wiley-VCH now DGM company member

The longtime cooperation of DGM and Wiley-VCH will be strengthened further by the publisher’s new company membership.

Founded in 1921 as Verlag Chemie, Wiley-VCH celebrated 100 years of publishing in the fields of chemistry, material science, physics, and life sciences as well as business and trade last year. From our locations in Weinheim and Berlin, among other places, Wiley-VCH is committed to innovation and quality, dedicated to securing global success for research communities, industry customers, teachers, and students.

In January 2019, Wiley and Projekt DEAL signed the first nationwide transformative open access agreement in Germany. Corresponding authors from German institutions can publish their own primary research and review articles open access under the agreement, retaining copyright of their works. Readers from participating institutions also gain access to Wiley’s entire journal portfolio, dating back to 1997.

Wiley-VCH is home to some of the world’s top scientific publications in Materials Science, including the Advanced family of journals, with titles such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Healthcare Materials and the Open Access journal Advanced Science, to name only a few. Our Materials Science portfolio also includes journals on structural materials such as Materials and Corrosion, Materials Science & Engineering Technology (Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik) which is published in cooperation with DGM, Advanced Engineering Materials and steel research international.

Being the first spin-off of Advanced Materials, Advanced Engineering Materials was founded in cooperation with DGM in 1999. AEM is a premier journal for all the latest breakthroughs in engineering materials and covers a variety of key topics, such as composites, ceramics, intermetallics, and also high-temperature, cellular, and biomedical materials, with a strong focus on new manufacturing techniques.

Formerly well known as "Archiv für das Eisenhüttenwesen", the journal steel research international offers a forum for the publication of high-quality manuscripts in the area of steel and materials involved in steelmaking for 95 years.

We strive to support authors at every step of the publishing journey, from finding the right journal to article publication and promotion. For further details please check our Author Services page on Wiley Online Library.

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