MatWerk hike of the yDGM local group Dresden in Saxon Switzerland

On 27.06.2022 it was finally time again: After a long time of digital meetings, webinars and other "screen events" the yDGM local group Dresden offered again the first face-to-face event for all MatWerk students and PhD students.

On the initiative of the acting DGM president Prof. Zimmermann, who is based in Dresden, a hike in the nearby Saxon Switzerland was organized by the yDGM local group as well as Sebastian Schettler and Katharina Bollmann.

Ten participants met at the main train station in Dresden, with a MatWerk colleague from Freiberg and the two yDGM national spokespersons Katharina Bollmann and Manuel Best from the other end of Germany making the journey in addition to those from Dresden. After a short ride on the S-Bahn to Stadt Wehlen, the hiking group began the ascent along the so-called Malerweg in the direction of Rauenstein in very summery temperatures and abundant sunshine. The unique natural landscape with numerous vantage points over Saxon Switzerland and on the famous Bastei as well as the fortress Königstein brought forth many an incredulous amazement. The hiking route was deliberately kept short with just under 5 km and about 200 meters of altitude, in order to provide enough time for a leisurely picnic just before Rathen. Prof. Zimmermann and one of her doctoral students welcomed us at an agreed meeting point with a picnic blanket, cold drinks and nibbles, in order to get to know each other further and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Finally, the hiking group started the journey back home to Dresden by S-Bahn from Rathen.

Many thanks to Prof. Zimmermann, all organizers, participants and the DGM office for this long awaited event "beyond the screen"!

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