Report Young-DGM-Retreat 2022 in Koblenz

How do we bring the yDGM local groups back to life? Which supra-regional offers can we create for the MatWerk young talents?

Participants asked themselves these and other questions at the first Young-DGM retreat, which took place in Koblenz from 16 - 19 June 2022. For a long weekend, the federal spokespersons, the federal team and representatives of individual local groups met to discuss new events and guidelines for yDGM work.

A big point here was how the local chapters can be strengthened again. During the Corona-Lockdowns no events could be held, so many local members were lost. Some of the local groups that still exist have only one active member. In order to give these local groups a jump start again, the two federal spokespersons Katharina and Manuel have been traveling to the locations for several weeks now and organizing events together with the local members in order to increase the visibility of the local groups again and to find new comrades-in-arms for the local organization. In the discussion, it was noted that we are also especially dependent on the support of the professors on site here. Presenting a few words and two to three slides on DGM in lecture has brought some new faces to local events before.

Another item that was discussed is the DGM Young Scientists' Forum. This format is intended to be an opportunity for junior MatWerkers to network and develop both professionally and personally. The DGM Young Scientists' Forum is to feature technical presentations and workshops, as well as the popular "Meet-the-Expert" format. The supporting program will then be used to exchange ideas and make contacts with other participants. So far, the date is planned for spring 2023, with more information to follow.

Of course, team building was not neglected in Koblenz. Although we felt we already knew each other well through the monthly online meetings, for some it was the first time to see the faces not only through the webcam. The summer weather on our weekend invited us to not only sit in front of the laptop and work all day. In addition to cooking together in the accommodation, we had a barbecue on the Rhine and a summer excursion to a small stream in the surrounding woods. After two years of almost exclusively online contact, it was a welcome change to meet the fellow campaigners in person.


Do you want to make the DGM better known at your location and point out the offers for young MatWerkers? Regardless of whether there is a local group at your location, we can provide you with information material (e.g. PPT slides) to present the current (national) offers of the Young DGM. Please feel free to write for this purpose to

We are always happy to receive new ideas or comments! If you would like to get in touch with us, please write to


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