Lecture Evening 2023: The Young DGM Aalen at the Scene of the Crime

The lecture series of the Young DGM starts with an exciting prelude to the year 2023. In January, representatives of the Federal Criminal Police Office will be guests and report on their everyday professional life at the interface to materials science.

Boerne & Thiel, Eisner & Fellner, Batic & Leitmayr. No murder case remains unsolved by the investigative teams of the cult series Tatort. Fabian Altermann and Dieter Neimke know from their professional experience at the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden that a sharp mind and brains alone are not enough. As part of the Jung-DGM lecture series, both will speak on 25 January 2023 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. under the heading "CSI: Wiesbaden - Forensic Material Analysis with X-Ray, Electron and Ion Radiation" about methods of material analysis in forensic science. 

Instead of DNA samples, fingerprints and blood spatter, modern forensic material analysis uses X-ray fluorescence analysis, scanning electron microscopy and focused ion beam microscopy to analyze particles in the sub-micrometer range in the most accurate way. Altermann and Neimke will explain how this work can be taken to the limits of technical feasibility while ensuring reliable results. In addition, all listeners can expect two exciting topic blocks:

Lecture 1: CSI: Wiesbaden - Forensic Material Analysis with X-rays, Electrons and Ion Radiation

Lecture 2: Schmauch-Analytik: The art of SEM-EDX particle analysis at the limits of technical feasibility

The event will be held hybrid - at Aalen University in the research building F - 1.03 as well as online - and is open to all hobby forensic scientists, crime scene enthusiasts and furthermore to all interested parties of our MatWerk community.

Take your chance and register now.


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