Call for Action: Your impulses for the Female New Year's Brunch 2023

By women for women - As part of the event "For Women only: New Year's Brunch 2023", we are looking for impulse-givers who want to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic of Role Models.

Role models as role models inspire and motivate. As part of the Women's Breakfast for MSE 2022, female professors, scientists, doctoral students, and students from the MatWerk community met on-site to discuss their experiences on the topic of women and their advancement in the (materials) sciences. The need for a continuous exchange of experiences and ideas explicitly for women is high. Continuing with this, the digital Female New Year's Brunch will take place on 14 February 2023 from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. under the following heading:

"Female Role Models - Who they are and why we need them"

After a welcome by Prof. Dr Martina Zimmermann, we would like you to have your say in short impulse talks (3 to 5 minutes). What are female role models for you? Do you perhaps feel like a role model yourself? What experiences have you had in this regard, and would you like to pass them on?

We are counting on your support. If you would like to be an impulse giver, please register by 06 February 2023 at:

We will then move on to a discussion to develop new formats for better networking and promotion of women scientists.

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