Turn of the year 2022/2023: Farewell and new members of the association

Dear members,

The end of the year always means a time of change, also in an association like the DGM. With the turn of the year 2022 to 2023, members take over new positions in the DGM, for example. A change means both a farewell and a new beginning. The DGM thanks all departing committee members for their support as well as the time you have dedicated to our association. We hope to continue to see you as proactive MatWerkers* in the future.

At this point we would like to welcome all new DGM members. We look forward to your commitment and new ideas to tackle the goals and visions of our association year 2023 with a fresh wind.

On the management level, there is a new dual leadership in the DGM board after two years of Prof. Dr. Zimmermann and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider. Since 01 January 2023, Prof. Dr. Birgit Skrotzki and Prof. Dr. Martin Heilmaier represent our association as DGM President and DGM President. You will find a short portrait of both in the editorial October 2022 (Skrotzki) and November 2023 (Heilmaier) respectively.

Changes of name in the association bodies of the DGM

Change DGM Board


End of term

Status change


Beitelschmidt, Denise

Best, Manuel

Eggeler, Gunther

Hellwig, Maren

Korte-Kerzel, Sandra


Bollmann, Katharina

Erdle, Franziska

Niendorf, Thomas

Roters, Franz

Schneider, Gerhard

Zimmermann, Martina


from vice president to president: Skrotzki, Birgit

from vice president to president: Heilmaier, Martin

from assessor to vice president: Schneiders, Till



DGM-Young Talent Committee (organ of the association) - DGM board of directors



End of term


Status change


Baron, Christian

Schliephake, Daniel

Maisner, Eduard

Schäfer, Florian

Brasche, Frederike

Cuniberti, Gianaurelio

Blatter, Ines

Wackermann, Ken

Bambach, Margarita

Samadi Khoshkhoo, Mohsen


Barnoush, Afrooz

Kauffmann, Alexander

Maaß, Burkhard

Hambrock, Carina

Haase, Christian

Greiner, Christian


from deputy speaker to speaker (management): Beitelschmidt, Denise


from committee member to deputy speaker: Jahns, Katrin


from speaker to committee member: Niendorf, Thomas



Change in the federal team and spokesperson



End of term


Status change


Roth, Timo


Kinn, Fabian


from federal spokeswoman of all jDGM local groups to deputy federal spokeswoman of all jDGM local groups: Bollmann, Katharina


from deputy federal spokesperson all jDGM local groups to federal spokesperson all jDGM local groups: Best, Manuel


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