Now the requirements for the components are becoming more and more ambitious, and with them the requirements for the alloy as the starting point for the developments. The alloy standards provide an initial indication of the composition suitable for an application, whereby accompanying elements or trace elements are sometimes not mentioned at all. This applies both to metal obtained by electrolysis and to recycled aluminium. Today, there are already scientific studies that show the influence of trace elements on the property profile of alloys. However, these are more or less individual works. Therefore, this working group will approach the subject in a structured way, report on current developments and give impulses for future work. Alloys of the 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series have been defined. The focus will be on fatigue, recrystallization behavior, formability (cold, hot), thermal stability, hardening behavior, conductivity and properties correlated with the surface. The possible testing of corrosion properties is to be passed on by recommendation to appropriate working groups (GDA, GfKORR). All representatives from industry and institutes as well as research and development who are interested in an open, constructed and confidential cooperation in the working group in the sense of these objectives are cordially invited.

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