Working Group of the Joint Committee High Performance Ceramics
Systems Based on Functional Ceramics

The technical interest of the Working Group focuses on electroceramic materials and their applications, such as di-, ferro-, piezo- and pyroelectric materials, semiconducting, sensory and thermoelectric ceramic materials, magnetic ceramic materials as well as ionic or mixed conducting ceramics.

In addition to fundamental material aspects such as microstructure-property correlations, aspects of ceramics technology, layer production and multilayer ceramic technology are discussed. The wide range of applications of functional ceramic materials as well as aspects of the technologies of the systems from design to manufacturing and application complete the range of topics.


  • Regular meetings of the groups of people involved in research/development, manufacture, and application of functional ceramics.
  • Scientific lectures and discussions on selected topics.
  • Formation of networks between university and academic working groups involved in functional ceramics and industrial partners and users.
  • Identification of R&D needs and initiation of projects.
  • Participation in strategic issues of the Joint Committee High Performance Ceramics of DKG and DGM.

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