Working Group of the Expert Committee Materialography
Materialography on the Internet

Materialography offers a fascinating insight into the colorful world of materials. The preparation, imaging, and analysis of material microstructures often involve years of experience of materialographers who have optimized and perfected their hand movements in their daily work. The Working Group Materialography on the Internet offers a way to share this wealth of experience and thus make it easier for users to develop new preparation and analysis routines.

The DGM Working Group Materialography on the Internet has made it its task to provide information and an uncomplicated discussion platform around the field of materialography based on the website This includes all microscopic characterization methods of materials, microscopic imaging as well as the quantitative description of the complex, spatial microstructure as well as the necessary preparation. Visitors can share their own experiences in the form of a preparation database (PETziDAT) and a discussion forum.

The Internet platform offers, for example:

  • PETziDAT: An interactive, easy-to-use database of preparation and etching formulations from a wide range of laboratories, which is also being expanded and developed with the help of users. It serves as a reference work as well as for the exchange of information and experience.
  • Discussion forum: Here, users can discuss problems and thus benefit from the experience of the entire community.
  • Image analysis: With the help of an online tool, users can quantitatively analyze their own micrographs.
  • Marketplace: company overview for products and services that offer solutions for almost all areas of materialography.
  • Links: Editorially maintained list of qualified links to Internet sites dealing with materialography.
  • Dates and Reports: Conference reports and announcements of interesting events.


  • Exchange of experience on the topics of preparation, microscopy, and analysis of material structures.

  • Creation of an interactive database with preparation and etching formulations from various laboratories (PETziDAT). It serves as a reference work as well as for the exchange of information and experience.

  • Provision of information on the journal "Practical Metallography", on events, on the professional profile, and on the history of materialography.

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