Working Group of the Expert Committee Materialography
Sample Preparation

Founded to exchange experience between metallographers, the Working Group Sample Preparation of the Expert Committee Materialography deals with metallographic-preparative work topics from material development and application. The Working Group is open to all interested parties.

The Working Group Sample Preparation is one of the oldest Working Groups in the DGM Expert Committee Materialography. It was founded to give metallographers an opportunity for interactive exchange and to promote knowledge transfer. Preparation in the sense of "metallography" as one of the cores and historical pillars of the material graph is by no means losing its importance in times of highly technical examination methods but is still an integral part of today's destructive quality testing. The topics mostly concern the preparation and the image display and evaluation of materials and material systems depending on it. Very often the possibility of joint tests is used as a means. The topics are introduced and implemented by the members of the Working Group themselves. The focus of the collaborative trials is clearly on the preparative side and is intended to help users with similar problems to be able to compare their results or also to find suggestions for new preparation methods.


  • Exchange of experience and knowledge transfer in the field of materialographic preparation techniques.
  • Processing of ring and joint tests on current topics of specimen preparation.
  • Publication of results in technical journals and at conferences.
  • Participation in the standardization and implementation of material-technical standards and regulations, taking into account the preparation technique.

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