Working Group of the Expert Committee Materialography
X-Ray Tomography

The improved understanding of structure-structure-property relationships, as addressed in the 3D Microstructure Analysis and Tomography Expert Forum in the DGM Materialography Expert Committee, is essential for the development and use of new materials. High-resolution X-ray tomography provides information on the morphology and microstructure of materials and thus plays an important role in the development and introduction of new technologies as well as for the integration of new materials into high-tech products, but also for process and quality control. A unique advantage of X-ray tomography is that it provides a - generally integral - 3-dimensional image of materials non-destructively.

The Working Group discusses experimental setups in the laboratory and at synchrotron beamlines, both in projection geometry and using focusing optics (X-ray microscopy), as well as concepts for data acquisition, data processing, and data analysis, including the application of machine learning algorithms. In this context, the further development of X-ray computed tomography (XCT), in particular micro-and nano-XCT, for the analysis of 3D morphology and microstructure of materials, is in the focus of the Working Group activities. Resolution, contrast, and the time required for measurement and data analysis ("time-to-data") are important criteria for this. New results from basic research are presented and application-specific solutions in the fields of metallurgy and chemistry, renewable energies, and lightweight construction, as well as microelectronics, are pointed out. Since X-ray tomography is a non-destructive analysis technique, this method is particularly suitable for studying kinetic processes in materials and systems, e.g. in-situ experiments on crack propagation and operando studies of electrochemical processes.


  • Definition of future requirements for X-ray tomography and development of proposed solutions for the further development of the method.

  • Supporting the exchange of know-how and interdisciplinary cooperation in this field.

  • Identifying scientific issues, both in the field of basic research and in applied research and development, for joint third-party funded projects.

  • Initiation of workshops, symposia or conferences under the umbrella of the DGM.

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