Working Group of the Expert Committee Materials Modelling, Simulation and Data
Microstructural Mechanics

It is the aim of the Microstructure Mechanics Working Group to provide an exchange and information forum for experts working on the mechanical behavior of materials based on their microstructure.

The influence of the microstructure on the mechanical properties (microstructure/property correlation) is of central importance. In addition to the two- and three-dimensional modelling of global material behavior, an important role is played by the elucidation of local deformation processes that precede damage initiation and failure in single- and multiphase materials. In particular, the development of new simulation methods for the investigation of fundamental and application-oriented questions in materials mechanics is in the foreground.


From these specifications, the main task of the Working Group is to provide a platform for the exchange of information on the topic of "microstructure mechanics" concerning local deformation and fracture processes using material simulations with suitable modeling methods of these phenomena on all length scales, including multiscale simulation.

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