Working Group of the Joint Committee Scanning Electron Microscopy
Crystallographic Material Characterization in REM (EBSD)

It is also possible to optimize the properties of crystalline materials by specifically aligning the crystals during formation or processing. The orientations of the crystals can be measured locally resolved in the SEM through backscattered electron diffraction (EBSD) and displayed in a variety of ways. In addition to the crystallographic orientation, important statements about the misorientation (e.g. grain boundaries, degree of deformation) can be derived from the data obtained or the phase distribution in a material can be recognized.

The Working Group is aimed at all interested parties who use EBSD as an analytical method and have questions about its use. This starts with the sample preparation, which has a decisive influence on the measurement result due to the low information depth but also includes the optimization of the measurement parameters or the data evaluation. The main goal is to improve the general understanding of the measurement method to recognize sources of error in time and to prevent misinterpretations as far as possible.


  • Discussion of concrete but generally valid questions concerning EBSD
  • Support in the evaluation of new methodological developments
  • Increase of the general understanding of possibilities but also limitations of EBSD
  • A platform for the exchange of experience, e.g. on concrete problems in sample preparation    

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