Young-DGM Local Groups

Young-DGM local groups are regional groups of students and doctoral candidates in the field of materials science and engineering. They are an important part of the promotion of young talents of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. The foundation of Young-DGM local groups supports the statutory objectives of the DGM, which include the promotion of talented young talents. Each local group has a spokesperson. These spokespersons consult in regular intervals in the committee of the Young-DGM local group spokespersons on topics relevant to the young talents in the field of materials science and engineering, and exchange information with the federal spokesperson of all local groups.

Young-DGM Local Groups and their Local Group Spokespersons

The yDGM local groups' self-imposed goal is to represent the interests of young members within the DGM, to promote dialog among them, and to provide a platform for young talents to participate. The yDGM local groups' central meeting is the yDGM annual meeting at the beginning of the Young Scientists' Forum, which meets annually alternating between the MSE and WerkstoffWoche. The yDGM annual meeting forms the "parliament" of the yDGM local groups and the active young talents in the DGM. Here, the yDGM local group members' interests are discussed and conveyed to the junior staff committee via the federal spokesperson.

The yDGM local groups support the statutory goals of the DGM, which include the promotion of talented junior staff. yDGM local groups can exist independently of DGM regional panels. They are not bound to them. Neighboring DGM regional panels and yDGM local groups should coordinate with each other.

With the foundation of yDGM local groups, the DGM would like to increase its public perception locally - analogous to the goals of the regional panels - and thus position itself as a competent contact person - especially among the young generation. Through regional activities, the DGM should become even more visible and thus attract new members, retain existing members, and address the young generation at an early stage.

All speakers of the Young-DGM local groups can be reached together via the email address

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