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The topic organizers invite the LightMAT community to submit abstracts for posters related to the topics. Especially young scientists are encouraged to contribute to the symposium. The abstract submission for lecture is closed.

For the submission of an abstract, no booking is necessary until the poster is confirmed.

Abstract Submission Process

Click below to submit your abstract. After creating an account or logging in with a DGM user account, you can submit a new or edit an existing unsubmitted contribution.

When creating a new contribution, you will be asked to select the symposia. All further required information for your contribution will be requested via the user interface. To submit an abstract for a poster, only the title of your abstract, a Short Abstract of a maximum of 2,000 characters, and the authors and co-authors list are necessary.

The congress will be held as a hybrid event: On-site in Trondheim (Norway) and online. For better planning of the symposium, we kindly ask you to indicate in your submission if you plan to travel to Trondheim (Norway) for the LightMAT 2023 or if you plan to attend the event online. We will consider this information for scheduling the scientific program regarding time zones and location.

The abstract, documents and presentation must be prepared in English.

Submit your abstract

Extended Abstract

We offer all authors the possibility to upload an extended abstract as pdf after accepted contribution (whether lecture or poster). Please use the template to prepare this extended abstract. All abstracts/extended abstracts will be made available at the conference as a collected document as a download free of charge for all participants. The deadline to upload the extended abstract in the Abstract Management System is the 1 June 2023.

Template for Extended Abstract

Abstract Management System

You can edit your contribution at any time until the final submission and still upload documents like your poster after submission. You will find all your contributions for editing in the

Abstract Management System

Guidelines for the presentation of your contribution

Presentation of a Lecture

  • The regular presentation time for a lecture is 15 minutes + 3 minutes for Q&A and 2 minutes to change the room.
  • Presentation as PowerPoint or PDF, preferably in 16:9 format.
  • The presentation language is English. Please prepare all your documents and slides in English.
  • Presentations do not need to be uploaded in advance.
  • There are no specifications or guidelines for the design of your slides. Nevertheless, we ask you to keep the area marked in the template on your slides free, as your video/image will automatically be displayed at this place during the presentation. This would otherwise obscure important information. You can download the template here:

Presentation Template

On-site presentations:

  • Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive to LightMAT 2023. Please give it to our technicians in your lecture room at the break, before the session with your presentation.
  • Due to technical reasons, no personal equipment like your own notebook can be used to give your presentation.
  • Since you will be giving your presentation on-site using a presentation computer provided by us, we ask you to use only standard fonts such as Arial, Geneva, Helvetic or Lucida Sans in your presentation. Otherwise, we cannot exclude the possibility of unintentional text displacement in your presentation on the presentation computer. Alternatively, we ask you to embed the individual font you use in your PowerPoint presentation.

Online presentations:

  • LightMAT 2023 is a live event. We will try to schedule all presentations accordingly to ensure that the respective author can give the presentation live in their time zone. Please check your assigned presentation time considering the time difference to MESZ.
  • You will give your presentation online by logging in to our event platform and using your hardware setup (computer, webcam, microphone, or headset (preferred)).We will offer several test sessions before the event, where you can test the screen, microphone, and camera sharing with our technicians to avoid any problems during the event. You will be informed about these dates in time.
  • In case of poor internet connection, you can send us a video of your presentation in advance, and we will play it at the specified times. 

Presentation of a Poster

  • All posters will be displayed on-site as and online, regardless of whether the author participates on-site or online.
  • Please create your poster in portrait format, size DIN A0. There are no further specifications or guidelines for the design of your Poster for LightMAT 2023. Please feel free to use the LightMAT 2023 Logo on your poster. You can download it here.
  • Please prepare your poster as a JPG file for the virtual poster hall and upload the final graphic by 14 June 2023. Use the "Abstract Management System" to upload your poster. The maximum size of the poster file must not exceed 25 MB.
  • Whether you participate on-site or online, please prepare and upload a pre-recorded poster pitch video. The video must be in .mp4 format and must not exceed the maximum size of 150 MB. We recommend a maximum duration of 3 minutes. To convert the video to .mp4 or reduce the file size, we recommend "Handbrake". Please upload the video via the Abstract Management System. All participants can watch the poster pitch videos on the virtual platform.
  • Additional information for on-site poster authors: Please bring your already uploaded poster printed in A0 format to the congress in Trondheim, Norway. Your uploaded poster will also be automatically displayed in the poster room of the virtual platform. 

  • Additional information for online poster authors: Your uploaded poster will be automatically displayed on site on a portrait monitor, as well as in the virtual poster room of the virtual platform. 

LightMAT 2023
21 - 23 June 2023 | Hybrid Conference in Trondheim (Norway) & Online

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