Keynote Speaker

  • Nihad Dukhan

    University of Detroit Mercy, USA

    "Cooling of fuel-cell stacks by air flow in open-cell aluminium foam"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Ernesto Di Maio

    University of Naples Federico II, Napoli, Italy

    "Rheology-driven design of pizza gas foaming"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Andreas Roppertz

    University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, DE

    "Ceramic foams for the catalytic emission reduction – chances and challenges"

  • Yuanwei Song

    Zimmer Biomet, CH

    "Trabecular Metal, a History; Material and Application"

Invited Speaker

  • Christian Bernäcker

    Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM, DE

    "Metallic porous materials as key component for the efficient electrolysis of water to green hydrogen"

  • Dr.

    Simon Carstens

    Leipzig University, DE

    "Open-cell foam glass with additional nanoporosity"

  • Dr.-Ing.

    Tobias Fey

    Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany

    "Porous ceramics – from processing to novel applications"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Thorsten Gerdes

    University of Bayreuth, DE

    "Sprayable Glass Bubble insulation for sustainable and energy efficient building insulation"

  • Georg Grestenberger

    Borealis Polyolefine GmbH, AT

    "Innovative polypropylene solutions for injection moulded, foamed parts showing excellent surface appearance"

  • Daniela Haase

    Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, DE

    "60 Years Open-Celled Ceramics Based on Replica Technique – Applications, Obstacles and Opportunities"

  • Roman Hofer

    Trexel GmbH, DE

    "Component design for foamed thermoplastic injection molded parts"

  • Dr.-Ing.

    Franziska Schmidt

    Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, DE

    "Cellular bioactive scaffolds for bone regeneration"

  • Dr.-Ing.

    Ulla Simon

    Technical University Berlin, DE

    "Hierarchically porous ordered mesoporous silica COK-12 materials"

  • Dr.-Ing.

    Sophia Tsipas

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ES

    "Thermophysical properties of porous Ti2AlC and Ti3SiC2 produced by powder metallurgy"

CellMAT 2022
7th International Conference on Cellular Materials 12 - 14 October 2022 | Hybrid Conference in Dresden (Germany) & online

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