DGM e.V. is committed to consistent compliance with national and European antitrust law and operates exclusively in accordance with these regulations.
Antitrust Notice

The aim is to avoid economic cartels that are made between companies and other market players and maintain unhindered competition that is as diverse as possible. The association work of the DGM includes meetings at which representatives of competing companies come together and exchange views on topics, experiences, and shared interests. This must not restrict or exclude competition between companies or disadvantage their customers or suppliers. Therefore, at all events, committee meetings, and other organizations' gatherings, no topics that are illegal or questionable under antitrust law may be discussed. Not only explicit agreements, e.g., on quantities, prices, or capacities but also all other forms of cooperation that distort competition, e.g., through concerted practices, are inadmissible. The exchange or unilateral disclosure of so-called strategic information or sensitive data may also be prohibited. Strategic information or sensitive issues include, in particular, information on:

  • Prices, price components, price-relevant factors, price calculations and calculation elements, price increases or decreases, costs;
  • Production and delivery quantities, quotations, sales figures, revenues, market shares, customers, contract terms;
  • Capacities, capacity utilization rates, inventories, delivery times, shutdowns, production constraints.

Should the meeting chairperson, association staff, or another participant determine that a violation of antitrust regulations is imminent, the inadmissibility must be pointed out and the critical behavior terminated. Even if there are doubts about the admissibility under antitrust law, the relevant work must be stopped immediately. 

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