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FAQ for participants of DGM events

How does the voting for the poster award take place? (Not all conferences offer a poster award)

Voting for the poster award is possible directly in the digital poster hall on the conference platform. To vote, you will find a button on the overview image of the respective poster to cast your vote accordingly.

How do I get help if I have problems with the conference platform?

In urgent cases, please contact us via our support hotline: +49 (0)69 75306 775.

Additional FAQ for authors at DGM events

What do I have to consider as an on-site speaker?

Please refer to our guidelines for the presentation of your talk, from which you can find all useful information for the preparation of your presentation. 

Please bring your presentation on a USB stick. For technical reasons, you will not be able to use your own equipment for your presentation. As an on-site author, you will face questions from on-site and online participants.

How does the on-site portion of a hybrid poster show work?

Please prepare your poster, whether you present it on-site or online, in A0 size - portrait format. There will be on-site poster walls in the conference building for poster authors to hang their printed posters. Please bring your printed poster to the poster show to be able to explain questions on your poster. The material to attach your poster to the poster walls will be provided by our team on site.

In addition, there will be digital poster panels where on-site participants can view the online posters. An exchange between on-site and online participants is possible via the conference platform.

What do I have to consider as an online lecturer?

Please refer to our guidelines for the presentation of your talk, which you can find all the useful information to prepare your presentation.

Log in to our conference platform and use your hardware (computer, webcam, microphone or headset (preferred)) to present your talk live. Presentations do not need to be uploaded in advance. In case of poor internet connection, you can send us a video of your recorded presentation in advance and we will play it at the specified time.

A few days before the event, we will offer test sessions for all online presenters to give presenters the opportunity to test your setup (PC, webcam, microphone, screen sharing) and get familiar with the presentation tool (Zoom). We have summarized important tips and information about using Zoom on an overview page.

Online presenters will be informed about the dates of the test sessions with a separate email. 

Why is it necessary to upload my digital poster regardless of my method of participation (online/on-site)?  

By uploading your poster to the conference platform, your poster will also be available for viewing by online participants. In addition, all participants, on-site and online, can vote for your poster at the poster price only in the virtual poster hall.

Additional information for session chairs at hybrid DGM events

What time should I arrive at the event room as a session chair?

Please find yourself in the lecture hall already during the break before your session to be conducted and contact our technical staff.

As a session chair, do I receive a briefing on the technical equipment and tasks?

Our technical staff in the lecture room will give you a brief introduction to the technology during the break before your session.

What technical equipment is provided for session chairs?

A laptop or tablet and microphone are available to the session chair in each lecture room.

As a session chair, can I intervene in the presentation at any time via my microphone?

You can switch your microphone on and off using the button on the microphone itself. Please note that the sound is then directly enabled and transmitted to the lecture room as well as to the online meeting.

Can both online and on-site participants ask questions?

All participants, whether online or on-site, can ask questions. When moderating the Q&A session, please keep in mind that there should be a balance of online and on-site questioners.

Why should I watch the online stream on my laptop or tablet?

On your laptop or tablet, you can follow the online stream and view messages that participants post online in the chat. In addition, online participants can raise their virtual hand to announce questions. You, as the session chair, would have to read out the questions in the chat, if necessary, or ask the online questioner to turn on their microphone and ask the question themselves. You will learn more about this in the briefing by our technical staff.

Is there anything special to note about questions from on-site participants?

On-site questioners must be sure to ask their questions into the microphone that is passed around by our technical staff so that the question can be heard online.

How do I avoid noise as a session chair?

If you are a session chair and carry a cell phone, please switch it to airplane mode, otherwise you may experience noise if the microphone is turned on during the session.

How is noise from online participants handled?

If there is any noise during the lecture or Q&A session, our technical staff will take care of it.

Are online lectures and on-site lectures marked separately?

Session chairs will receive a list of which talk will be presented on-site or online.

Is there any information on announcing plenary speakers?

Please refer to the handout (CV, Abstract) for information on announcing plenary speakers.

How will the presentation time be kept?

As session chair, please ensure that the presentation time is observed.   
Please note that the image transmitted from the lecture room cannot be seen by the online lecturers and that the speaker may therefore have to be informed of the adherence to the lecture time via audio signal (address by you). 

BioMAT 2023
03 - 04 May 2023 | Hybrid Conference in Weimar (Germany) & Online

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