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Festung Mark

A Citadel of History, Culture, and Society

Festung Mark in Magdeburg stands as a captivating venue, inviting all who are intrigued by the historical and cultural facets of our past. This fortress serves as an open space for dialogue, welcoming individuals interested in exploring the rich tapestry of history in the 21st century.

Its ever-changing exhibitions delve into contemporary and historical themes, bridging the realms of science, society, art, and culture. Themes like courage, innovation, heritage, and human resilience take center stage, offering visitors a chance to engage with the past while contemplating its relevance in the present. The permanent exhibition, "Fortress Chronicles," showcases a treasure trove of artifacts and displays, recounting the fascinating history of Festung Mark.

At Festung Mark, education and the dissemination of historical knowledge are paramount. Alongside exhibitions, a diverse array of guided tours and educational programs cater to the interests of various visitors. These offerings provide an immersive experience, allowing guests to delve deeper into the historical narratives that shape our understanding of the world.

The fortress also hosts a vibrant calendar of events, including lectures, conferences, readings, and concerts. These gatherings foster intellectual discourse and artistic exploration, creating a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and the celebration of culture.

In essence, Festung Mark in Magdeburg stands as a bastion of history and culture, beckoning all to explore the intricacies of our past while engaging with the contemporary world in a meaningful and enlightening manner.

Festung Mark
Hohepfortewall 1
39104 Magdeburg

CellMAT 2024
8th Cellular Materials 27 - 29 November 2024 | Hybrid Conference in Magdeburg (Germany) & online

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