Plenary Speakers
  • Prof. Dr.

    Hui Cao

    Yale University, US

    "Harnessing Disorder for Photonic Device Applications"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Willem Vos

    University of Twente, NL

    "Light scattering in complex media from fundamental science to applications"

Invited Speakers
  • Prof.

    Ady Arie

    Tel Aviv University, IL

    "Emulating spin glass dynamics using disordered nonlinear optical interactions"

  • Dr.

    Arti Agrawal

    University of Technology Sydney, AU

    "Propagation of vector beams through atmospheric turbulence"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Claudio Conti

    University of Rome, IT

    "Photonic Machine Learning by Disordered Materials"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Luca Dal Negro

    Boston University, US

    "Enhanced light-matter interactions in multifractal and hyperuniform media"

  • Dr.

    Pedro David García

    Spanish National Research Council, ES

    "Dirty and messy cavity-optomechanics"

  • Prof.

    Stephen Hughes

    Queen’s University, Kingston, CA

    "Slow‐light photonic crystal waveguides – the fabrication disorder problem, correlated disorder, and (so‐called) topological protection"

  • Prof.

    Cefe López

    Spanish National Research Council, ES

    "Random Lasers for Photonic Neural Networks"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Arash Mafi

    University of Kansas, US

    "Embracing Disorder in Optical Fibers: Transverse Anderson Localization, Gain, and Nonlinearity"

  • Prof.

    Stefan Rotter

    Vienna University of Technology, AT

    "Customizing disordered media and the wave fields passing through them for optimized transmission"

  • Prof.

    Frank Scheffold

    University of Fribourg, CH

    "Light scattering from disordered colloidal aggregates on a hierarchy of length scales"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Ullrich Steiner

    Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, CH

    "Order-Disorder interplay in biological photonic materials"

  • Bart van Tiggelen

    University Grenoble Alpes, FR

    "3D Anderson Localization of Light and the Destructive Role of Longitudinal Waves"

  • Prof. Dr.

    Diederik Wiersma

    National Metrology Institute of Italy (INRIM), IT /University of Florence, IT

    "Applications of disordered photonics"

DisoMAT 2023
19 - 21 June 2023 | Hybrid Conference in Plankstetten (Bavaria) & Online

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