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Global Challenge of Friction Reduction

Friction, defined as resistance during relative motion of contact surfaces, accounts for about 25% of global energy consumption and is responsible for approximately 75% of mechanical failures. Therefore, reducing friction offers substantial economic opportunities. It extends the operational lifespan of machinery, decreases energy consumption, and enables the realization of systems currently limited by high forces and wear in moving parts.

SSLiP Consortium: Integrating Structural Lubricity and Granular Physics

The SSLiP consortium integrates the principles of structural lubricity in two-dimensional materials with granular physics and tribochemistry. The aim is to overcome the limitations posed by friction and to facilitate the development of advanced lubrication technologies that enhance machine performance and energy efficiency, as well as system reliability.

SSLiP combines surface science, granular and condensed matter, statistical physics, and computational chemistry with tribology in mechanical engineering. Their team of world leaders aims to make superlubricity practical and open up the field of colloidal network lubrication, establishing macroscale superlubricity in the industry.

Supralubrication: From Lab to Industry

20% of globally generated energy is lost due to friction. To make plain bearings as efficient as rolling bearings, Fraunhofer researchers have developed a supralubrication, now being transitioned to application.

The "SupraSlide" project of the Fraunhofer Institutes IWM, IWS, IKTS, and IPA focuses on making supralubrication industry-ready. The institutes are developing ceramic materials, coating plain bearing surfaces with diamond-like carbon layers, and focusing on sustainable, water-based lubricants. By 2024, a modular system for supra plain bearings enabling up to 90% energy savings and three supralubricated demonstrators are expected to be developed.

Friction 2024
26 - 27 February 2024 | Hybrid Symposium in Oberhof (Germany) & online

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