Keynote Speakers
  • Prof. Dr.

    Mitjan Kalin

    University of Ljubljana, SI

    “Contact behaviour of deformable and work-hardening multi-asperity surfaces, in real contact area domain”

  • Dr.-Ing.

    Thomas Lohner

    Technische Universität München, DE

    "Frontiers of Transmission Efficiency: Superlubricity in Rolling-Sliding Contacts"

  • Dr.

    Gianpietro Moras

    Fraunhofer IWM and MikroTribologie Centrum µTC, Freiburg, DE

    “The infamous fluorinated carbon materials in tribology: a journey to the atomic-scale origins of their unique properties”

  • Prof. Dr.

    Maria Clelia Righi

    University of Bologna, IT

    "Advancing solid interfaces and lubricants by first principles materials design"

  • PhD

    Pantcho P. Stoyanov

    Concordia University, Montréal, CA

    "Advanced tribological coating solutions for next generation mechanical systems in extreme environments"

Friction 2024
26 - 27 February 2024 | Hybrid Symposium in Oberhof (Germany) & online

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