Wednesday, 08.09.2021
Artificial Intelligence in Materials Science

Materials Science and Engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field of research, to develop novel materials, characterize and optimize them, develop processes to manufacture such materials, evaluate their lifetime and develop strategies to maximize the recyclability at the end-of-life.

All these aspects are connected with enormous amounts of data in various formats, which only in combination allow a complete representation of the material and its characteristics. Artificial Intelligence can help with very efficient tools of analyzing and exploring big and high-dimensional data or help when analytics and conventional modelling reached their limits. Furthermore, it can be used to generate synthetic data which allows the substitution of expensive and time-consuming experiments, for digitalization of materials as well as for materials optimization and discovery. This symposium should address the latest state of the art in this field and bring the experts from science and also application of such concepts into conversation with each other.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank M├╝cklich

Saarland University

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