Thursday, 09.09.2021
Materials for Electromobility

"Materials for electromobility" is a very broad topic. Electromobility includes regular passenger transport (private and public) and freight transport - on the road, on the rail, on water, and in the air. All these areas have different requirements regarding electric drives, vehicle size and weight, and the supply of electrical energy.

These requirements are transferred to the demands on the respective materials. For electric motors, many challenges have already been solved in a large variety, except maybe for rare-earth magnets or even superconductivity. In lightweight construction, many intelligent materials with high specific strength are used. In electric storage technology, batteries (Li-ion batteries, post-Li batteries), supercapacitors, fuel cells and also hydrogen technology play perhaps the biggest roles. In addition to capacity (energy content), specific capacity and the discharge and charge dynamics also play decisive roles. Stability and service life are other determining factors.

Major challenges in electrical energy storage systems lie not only in the electrode materials, which essentially determine capacity, but also separators and membranes influence the quality of the systems. In addition, there are also materials for the mechanical, thermal and electrical built-up. These must also be adapted and also reliably manufactured to enable long-lasting and safe operation. This diversity of requirements also results in a diversity of materials that must be developed for the successful transformation to electromobility in the various mentioned fields. Many researchers are working intensively on this and some will present their latest work in this symposium of the materials week.

Prof. Dr. Peter Schaaf

Technical University of Ilmenau

Dr. Oliver Schauerte

Volkswagen AG

The lecture program of this topic will take place on Thursday 09.09.2021

Confirmed Speakers

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