Tuesday, 07.09.2021
Circular Materials

The demand of materials increased dramatically in the last years due to several factors (e.g. increase in the world population, product innovations, early end-of-life of products). For example, in 1960 less than 20 billion tons of materials were used, in 2015 it was 84 billion tons, and 184 billion tons are forecast for 2050 [European Commission, Raw Materials Scoreboard 2018]. 

Especially the extraction and processing activities of the materials have a strong impact on water stress, biodiversity loss and climatical changes. To reduce such activities technological developments for a circular use of materials (like recycling, remanufacturing and reuse) become more and more important.  

In this session, materials science challenges in the context of circular economy are discussed. The session is open for contributions from all classes of engineered materials like metals, ceramics, polymers or composites. Even in the single material class of metals, the state-of-the-art and the obstacles vary largely as is evident when comparing aluminum with rare-earth elements. All steps in the circular economy of materials will be covered by examples, from resource-efficient production of semi-finished parts via material and product design to the use, re-use and recycling. Therefore, this session will provide an overview of current possibilities and challenges in the circular use of materials.

Prof. Dr. Gesa Beck

SRH Berlin University Applied Science

Dr. Moritz to Baben


The lecture program of this topic will take place on Tuesday 07.09.2021

Confirmed Speakers

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