The following LPM topics are discussed:
LPM Topics

L-01.     Fundamental aspects (Dynamics, modeling, simulation, etc.)
L-02.     Process monitoring and control
L-03.     Laser and photochemistry
L-04.     Nanotechnology
L-05.     Laser-based direct-write techniques
L-06.     Ultra-short pulse laser processing
L-07.     VUV laser and X-ray processing
L-08.     Surface treatment (Texturing, cleaning, annealing, modification, etc.)
L-09.     Advanced laser processing (Fiber laser, disc laser, FEL, etc.)
L-10.     Micro-patterning and micro-structuring
L-11.     Nano ripple formation
L-12.     Micro-machining
L-13.     3-D micro- and nano-fabrication
L-14.     Drilling and cutting
L-15.     Micro-welding and micro-bonding
L-16.     Micro-forming
L-17.     Wafer dicing
L-18.     Marking and trimming
L-19.     Glass/Ceramic processing
L-20.     Packaging and mounting process
L-21.     Lithography (including EUV source and application)
L-22.     Manufacture of micro devices and systems
L-23.     Film deposition and synthesis of advanced materials (PLD, CVD, etc.)
L-24.     Nano- and micro-particles
L-25.     Medical and biological applications
L-26.     Optics and systems for laser microprocessing
L-27.     Laser devices
L-28.     Beam shaping
L-29.     Industrial applications
L-30.     Others

LPM 2022
07 - 10 June 2022 | Hybrid Symposium in Dresden (Germany) & Online

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