100 years of German Society for Materials Science
History of the DGM

The German Society for Materials Science was founded in Berlin on November 27, 1919. At that time, materials science and engineering were still in their infancy, especially in the field of non-ferrous metals. From the very beginning, the DGM saw itself as a scientific society in which the most diverse scientific and technical disciplines were represented. At the same time, however, it was concerned with "bridging the gap between science and practice", which is why it also had to cope with the tasks of a technical-scientific association. This multiplex character characterizes the DGM to this day. With the emergence of "new materials" in the course of the 1980s, the DGM expanded its tasks to include all technical-scientific materials and renamed itself the German Society for Materials Science in 1989.

This documentation aims to reconstruct the technical-scientific joint work of the DGM in the context of the political-economic changes. First and foremost, the minutes of the board of directors and relevant specialist organs were evaluated. Particular attention is paid to the unfolding of the system of expert committees, which must be regarded as motors of innovation. This is because, in general, the founding of committees reflects that specific technical-scientific and operational fields that were seen as particularly promising for the future. The historical development of today's materials science and engineering can be seen not least in the prizes of the DGM, whose bearers are also honoured biographically here.

100 Jahre Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde - Eine Dokumentation


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