In order to make the lives of every individual easier, more beautiful, and more efficient in an ecological and sustainable way - and in the process make our society richer as a whole - research and industry must be able to answer pressing questions in the coming years in the areas of mobility, energy supply, communications, safety, health and environmental protection. New materials and innovative materials play a key role in these future fields, which are defined in the German government's high-tech strategy as a challenge for a competitive economy with strong employment potential.

"We want to combine the forces of science, business, society, and politics even more closely and use the resulting synergies for greater competitiveness and sustainable prosperity," reads the mission statement of the Initiative for an Innovative Germany. Plus, "We want to steadily expand cooperation between universities, research institutions with companies, and international partners and promote new collaborations." In the area of high-tech megatrends, the DGM's expert committees also contribute to this mission statement in a variety of ways.

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