Applications & Circular economy
Sustainable development of materials science and engineering: from environmentally friendly materials to innovative technologies for everyday life

In the field of environmentally friendly and resource-saving materials, the spectrum ranges from light metal components or streamlined surfaces for automotive and aircraft construction to nanostructured materials that can generate electricity from heat, to printable solar cells for bags or small sensors for clothing, which will soon make it possible to "harvest" energy for laptops directly from the environment or to convert the pressure of a jogger's running shoe into electricity for a cell phone. However, resource-saving and ecologically sensible developments in materials science and engineering in all areas of production, process and process engineering also ensure that our environment remains clean - or becomes clean again. With its technical committees, the DGM sets the decisive standards here and provides key impetus.

Training courses and events

Take advantage of the opportunities of the future in applications and the circular economy with our excellent training courses. Find out how environmentally friendly materials and resource-saving technologies are changing the world and actively shape sustainable development in this exciting field.

Committee and meetings

The DGM's technical committees and working groups on applications and the circular economy enable you to play an active role in the future of sustainable and resource-conserving technologies and materials of tomorrow.

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