Innovative strength in mechanical engineering: materials technology meets the art of engineering
Expand your technical repertoire with top training courses.

Mechanical engineering is the backbone of industry and the engine of innovation. Our specialised courses in materials science and materials engineering will equip you for the challenges of tomorrow. With the German Society for Materials Science, you gain access to forward-looking training courses, network with experts and always stay one step ahead technologically. Take the next step in your professional development and actively drive progress.

Training courses and events

Stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving field with our customised events for mechanical engineering. This is where practice and science meet to inform you about advanced materials and techniques. Take the opportunity to expand your network and engage with the latest industry-specific topics. You can find the dates of our next events below.

Expert committees and working groups

In our specialist committees and working groups, we pool expertise in the field of materials science and materials technology in order to drive mechanical engineering forward. Here we create synergies between specialists to develop innovative solutions and set standards. Get involved and benefit from the exchange with other professionals. Below you will find a list of our active groups and how you can get involved.

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