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DGM Pioneer

The DGM Pioneer recognizes the special achievements and merits of a DGM member with regard to sustainable cooperation between science and industry, which has led to a successful transfer of knowledge gained through materials science research into technical application. The basis for this transfer may have been, among other things, the active design and participation in DGM technical committees and working groups and the management and implementation of DGM advanced training courses. The nominee shall be a personal DGM member at the time of nomination. Nomination proposals can be submitted by all DGM members and expert committee members (expert committee member = regular participant in a expert committee meeting).

The DGM Pioneer consists of a certificate confirming the award of the prize in recognition of the special achievements of the awardee, and a special sculpture appropriate to the significance of the prize.

The award of the prize is made after a proposal by the Award Committee and after the decision of the Board of Directors of the DGM. The award is announced publicly on the occasion of a central event of the DGM of the corresponding year (e.g. DGM Day). The awarded prize is also announced in the central presentation media of the DGM.

DGM Awardees

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