DGM Prize for Young Talent

The DGM Prize for Young Talent is aimed at doctoral students or doctoral graduates whose degree was awarded no more than 2 years ago at the time of the proposal. The recipients work on a topic from non-profit research in the field of materials science and engineering. The recipients have a university degree and their previous study and work results indicate an above-average performance and have points of contact with committees or events of the German Society for Materials Science with their work.

A self-nomination is possible. In this case, two letters of reference are expected to evaluate the quality of the nomination. The DGM Prize for Young Talent can be awarded a maximum of four times a year. Personal membership is not a prerequisite for nomination. The DGM Prize for Young Talent consists of a certificate and two years of free personal DGM membership. The prize is awarded following a proposal by the Award Committee and a decision by the Board of Directors of the DGM. The award is announced publicly on the occasion of a central event of the DGM of the corresponding year (e.g. DGM Day). The announcement of the awarded prize is furthermore made in the central presentation media of the DGM.

DGM Awardees

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