First international Young-DGM – SAM group

At the July meeting of Young-DGMs, the members of the first international group were introduced by its spokeswoman Michéle Scholl. Eng. Josefina Dib and Eng. Victoria Guglielmotti representing the Argentinian Association of Materials SAM and Eng. Herman Heffner as the speaker of the German division.

[Translate to English:] Die Mitglieder der internationalen Gruppe Young-DGM – SAM. Von links nach rechts. Eng. Josefina Dib, Eng. Victoria Guglielmotti und Eng. Herman Heffner.

With the main goal of strengthening relationships with foreign countries, the DGM initiated joint activities between young researchers and students from Argentina and Germany under the umbrella of both the German and the Argentinean Association of Materials.

Josefina and Victoria are PhD students both with a strong background in material science. Josefina’s current main field is the surface treatment of stainless steel while Victoria’s area of expertise is the development of electrochemical biosensors that mimic the cellular microenvironment to study cell attachment. On the other hand, Herman is a current DAAD fellow and his ongoing research is about the enhancement of solar cells efficiency through the surface modification of its materials.

Many technological and industrial topics, that involves materials science, are of shared interest between both nations, and thus, a series of small talks are being organized to discuss the current trends in each country and the opportunities of cooperation as well as abroad research opportunities. These talks will be given by highly academy members as well as by industry related leaders.

If you are a bachelor student or a PhD student living in Germany and want to be part of this international team and be present at the regular talks, please write us an email to The first talk is programmed to kick-off in October 😊.

Many thanks to all the professors from Argentina and Germany that made this possible!

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