Lunch-Talk in May: Circular Materials in the DGM - What contribution can materials science make to circularity?

Re-use, recycling, re-manufacturing - The re-routes in the circulation of materials have already become firmly anchored in our everyday language. To meet the global challenges of climate and environmental protection, we know that resources must be saved and/or used more efficiently.

The Circular Economy is closely linked to questions in materials science. How can aging processes in materials be minimized? What are suitable substitutes for supply-critical materials? How can products be constructed in a recycling-friendly way?

To address these complex questions, the DGM Board, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Gesa Beck and Dr. Moritz to Baben, founded the Circular Materials Expert Committee in 2021. Since July last year, the 68 members of the committee have been meeting monthly to stimulate discussion for cross-cutting Circular Materials issues in the industry, research, and the DGM.

In the upcoming Lunch-Talk on 6th May 2022, the committee chairs, Prof. Dr. Gesa Beck and Dr. Moritz to Baben, will briefly present the committee's activities so far with the overarching question: "What contribution can materials science make to circularity." Let us enter into a dialogue together at the Lunch-Talk to locate the work of the technical committee even more strongly in the association work of the DGM through your ideas and experiences and to make it sustainably present.

Registration is requested. Participation is free of charge. All registered persons will receive the access link by mail a few days before the event.

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