MSE 2022 - The plenary lectures

Only six weeks to go until the start of the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Congress 2022 in Darmstadt and online (September 27 - 29, 2022). Look forward to the following plenary lectures by our invited experts.

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Cohn
    Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    4D printed functional medical devices: From molecular design to performance

  • Prof. Dr. Nikhilesh Chawla
    School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University, USA
    Four-Dimensional (4D) Materials Science: Probing Microstructural Evolution of Materials in Real-Time
  • Prof. Dr Yuri Gogotsi
    Drexel University - College of Engineering
    Functional Films and Coatings Made of 2D Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
    BRAUNGART EPEA – Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH, Germany
    Cradle to Cradle
  • Prof. Dr. Dane Morgan
    Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA
    Machine Learning for Materials Property Prediction
  • Prof. Dr Olivia Graeve
    UC San Diego, USA
    Materials for Space Environments: Extremes of Temperature, Pressure and Radiation
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Felfer
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Germany
    Understanding Hydrogen-Material Interactions in Energy Systems

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