High attendance and lively exchange at the annual meeting of the DGM Expert Committee Drawing

The meetings of the Working Group Tubes and Profiles and the annual meeting of the Expert Committee Drawing were held in March 2023. The meetings were characterised by various topics that were discussed in detail by the participants.

In the working group Tubes and Profiles, possible new topics were discussed which we could discuss in the next working group meeting. These include drawing force calculation for profiles, production and surface technology of capillary tubes, and process data acquisition with iba. There was also a discussion on the formation of a process-oriented expert committee to be composed of the four existing technical committees for drawing, rolling, extrusion and continuous casting. Participants shared their ideas and perceptions for this expert committee and discussed the benefits and challenges of working together.

At the annual meeting of the Expert Committee Drawing, various topics were discussed which were of great interest to the participants. First, Mr. Hild introduced the Osram plant in Schwabmünchen and gave an insight into its history as well as the implementation of traceability and lean in manufacturing. Mr. Schwarzfischer presented the ticket manager of AMS Osram and Mr. Reitz introduced the new material QuEISI. Furthermore, two presentations were given, which focused on the prediction of microstructure development for the design of forming and heat treatment processes and the importance of digital material and process data spaces for resource efficiency and accelerated product development.

Overall, the annual meeting of the Expert Committee Drawing was very productive and informative, and participants were able to benefit from the various presentations and discussions. The minutes of the previous year's meeting were approved and reports from the working groups were discussed.

The DGM would like to thank the company AMS Osram GmbH in Schwabmünchen for the opportunity to hold the meeting and a tour of their premises.

The next annual meeting is scheduled for 21-22 February 2024. Further information will follow in due course via the DGM homepage.

Prof. Dr. Farzad Foadian
Head of the DGM-Expert Committee Drawing

Information on all technical committees can be found on the DGM homepage at https://dgm.de/en/network/expert-joint-committees/drawing.
If you are interested in actively participating in one of the committees, please write us a short mail to 

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