Training Course: „Systematische Beurteilung technischer Schadensfälle“

Understanding the "why" behind material failure in order to prevent future failure is one of the learning objectives of our training course "Systematische Beurteilung technischer Schadensfälle". This course will take place from 3 - 8 March 2024 in Ermatingen, Switzerland.

The "legendary Ermatingen advanced training course" under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Pohl and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ibach imparts knowledge about the basics of failure analysis and offers the opportunity to discuss your own problem cases and thus expand your personal network with colleagues from various fields of technology.

much to unterstand

The six-day training course provides extensive knowledge. The course modules combine theoretical knowledge with practical damage analyses and cover a wide range of topics from wear to corrosion. The detailed program can be viewed on our website.

for your employees for effective quality assurance

Not only you personally, but also your company will benefit from a deeper knowledge of the systematic assessment of technical damage. Learn how the latest developments in mechanical and non-destructive material analysis contribute to damage analysis, use fractographic analysis to understand macroscopic and microscopic manifestations of relevant damage cases or learn how to use electron microscopy methods effectively for damage analysis. 

Technicians and engineers who would like to expand their knowledge of quality assurance and damage analysis and apply what they have learnt to practical examples are cordially invited to register for the training course via the website. All participants will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

In addition to this training course on the systematic assessment of technical damage in Ermatingen, the DGM offers numerous other training events to expand your individual knowledge. Register now! 

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