Modern Coating Processes: The Key Component for Innovative Surface Enhancements

In a time when the demands on component surfaces in the industry are steadily becoming more complex, the significance of an advanced coating processes for engineers and technicians is becoming increasingly evident.

Our training on "Moderne Beschichtungsverfahren" will take place from 20 March to 21 March 2024 in Garbsen and online. The Training will be held in German. It offers an in-depth exploration into the world of specialized coatings, crucial for optimizing surface features such as heat and electrical conductivity, as well as tribological resistance. 

By combining process knowledge and material engineering, the training imparts practical skills aimed at establishing coating technologies as integral components of development, design, and manufacturing processes.

Let's expand your understanding together and use the full potential of surface protective coatings to drive innovation and ensure the longevity of your products. 

Why you will benefit from this training: 

CVD and PVD Fundamentals: Learn advanced techniques for producing high-performance coatings and understand their applications in various industries. 

Thermochemical Surface Treatment: Discover how thermochemical processes can enhance hardness and other properties to increase the lifespan of components. 

Galvanic Coatings: Explore the basics and controllability of galvanic coating processes for diverse applications. 

Arc and Plasma Spraying: Gain insights into effective methods for generating resilient coatings through arc and plasma spraying. 

Testing and Diagnostic Procedures for Coatings: Learn how coatings can be effectively tested and evaluated to ensure the highest quality.

Diverse Techniques: Acquire knowledge in various techniques such as immersion and sinter coatings, applied-brazed wear-resistant coatings, flame, and high-velocity flame spraying, as well as cold gas spraying and laser powder deposition welding.

The training also provides a unique opportunity to discuss concrete practical applications and challenges with experts. Deepen your understanding of modern coating processes and take this chance to shape the future sustainability of your products.

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